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  Why Choose Ground Screw as Foundation

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Why Choose Ground Screw As Foundation.md

Why Choose Ground Screw as Foundation

The ground screw is a drilling pile and it includes drill, drill pipe, helical blade and extenable pipe. When you install ground screw using ground screw driver, the drill pipe is connected with the power input joint so that the pile will be easier to driven under the ground and then used as the ground screw.

The ground screw with better stability can decrease the foundation cost, shorten the installation time, and reduce the environmental effect.

ground screw foundation

Benefit of ground screw

  1. Stronger bearing capacity, pull-out resistance and horizontal resistance;
  2. No digging, no concrete, no damage to the surroundign area and no negative impact on the landscape;
  3. Save time because ground screw can be installed immediately by ground screw driver;
  4. Fast and inexpensive to relocate with the site being left in original state;
  5. Environmentally friendly due to minimum surface sealing;
  6. High installation capacities with ground screw driver for construction.          

Application of ground screw

Nowadays, ground screw has been widely used in kinds of fields, suche as the constructional industry, solar power system, fencing Industries, flag poles and banners and parks&city building.

Constructional Industry

If you want to use ground screw in constructional industry, you could choose ground screw as foundation that is a smart and sustainable and forward-looking foundation solution. The surrounding areas are not imparcted and no soil removal if you install ground screws in some empty places.

The length of ground screw should be more than 1600mm that can support heavy goods so that ground screw plays a good supporting role. Of course, the type and size of ground screw should be specified by engineers according to your requirements.

screw foundations

Solar Power System

Ground screw as screw foundations is suitable for most of solar ground mounting systems in the market because it can save time and no dig, no concrete installing ground screws with solar panel brackets. In addition, material, dimension, connection and joint are compatible with all ground mounting system.

The type of ground screws suited in solar power system is ground screw with flange because the thick and flat flange can make the connection of ground screw and solar panel bracket more stable.

If you plan to use empty space to build solar power plant, choosing ground screws as foundation of solar panel bracket is good choice.

honde ground screw for solar

Fencing Industries

Ground screw will provide you with solid footings for your fencing projects and these fencing projects includes industrial fences, mesh fences, ball-catching fences, garden fences, safety barriers and security fences.

The length of ground screw is 1000-2000mm and it determines the height of fence post. The type of ground screw is different if the fence is different, for example, the diameter of fence post is 70mm and you should choose diameter 76mm of ground screw and the length can be changed according to customer's requirements.

ground screw pile for solar panel

Flag poles and banners

Ground screw is used in flag pole and banners and the several advantages: reducing the time of installation; Easily removed and relacated; Ideal for temporary and permanent installation.

In addition, ground screw can be used in different sings and banners, such as large sign boards, flag poles, construction signs, traffic control systems, traffic lights, sound barries, traffic sings and main road signs.

ground screw for fence

Parks&City building

Ground screw can be as fast, solid and flexible footing solution for types of Park & City Building Projects. The use of ground screw in city building and the additional low environmental footprint contributes to every councils efforts toward sustainability.

The application of ground screw is shelters, barriers, parking meters, street lights, solar lights, sound barries, playground equipment, greenhouses and boardwalks.

screw piles for construction building


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