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  The three key elements of the helical pile product market positioning

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An established product features: market positioning and fundamental starting point is to determine the characteristics of the helical elements pile of products,we must first understand how the positioning of competitors on the market, spiralpile of products or services they want to offer what characteristics; secondly tounderstand consumer emphasis on helical piles product of each attribute; Finally, we need to consider their own conditions, attributes some screw piles, althoughmore emphasis on consumers, but if the business beyond the capacity, and can not be market positioning goals. 
     Second, establish a market image: business as determined by the helicalpiles of product characteristics, the companies effectively compete in the marketadvantages, but these advantages do not automatically show up in the market, to make these unique advantages to play a role in influencing consumer thepurchase decision, you need to screw piles for the foundation to establish a distinctive product features market image, but subtly through proactivecommunication with consumers to obtain consumer acceptance, and effectivemarket positioning does not depend on how you think the enterprise the key is tolook at how the customer is the most direct reflection of market positioning ofsuccess is the customer of the enterprise and its spiral pile products heldattitudes and perceptions. 
     Third, the consolidation of market image: consumer-to-business knowledge is not static, interference or due to poor communication between competitors, would lead to market image blur, consumers deviation spiral pile of businessunderstanding will, attitudes change, so after establishing market image, companies should continue to provide new arguments and ideas to customers, the timely correction of inconsistent behavior and market positioning, marketconsolidation spiral pile image of the product, maintain and strengthen customerperception and understanding of the enterprise.

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