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  Ground screw design

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                 Ground screw design

    The design of ground screws is based on technological advances, realities of production challenges, and how our clients intend to use them. When selecting ground screws, note how it will be used, the expected quality, and specific project dimensions. The designer also needs to know the overall parameters of the project so the design can be adjusted accordingly.

    It is key that the design coordinates with the other elements of the project. For example, the screw piling must be up to par to make the ground screw properly hold. The ground screw selection should meet market standards and the utilize the latest technical trends of the industry. In addtion to that, the design should be based on the specifics of the project, including the existing foundation, engineering analysis, and project plans. Any anticipated issues should be brought forward to the ground screw designer so they can adjust accordingly. In the end, together with project plans and design technolgy, the product can be made to meet industry standards while also meeting the needs of each project.

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