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  Delivery Ground Screw F to Russia

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We will delivery 40’container of ground screw to Russia this week. Russia is our main market of ground screw we exported and most of customer in Russia is very reliable for our ground screws. From 2002 to now, we exported honde ground screw to Russia and ground screw F(ground screw with flange) is very popular in there.

The detail information of 40’container ground screw as the following

F76X1200X3X220X8mm            264pieces

F76X2000X3.75X220X8mm         440pieces

F76X2500X3.75X220X8mm         439pieces

F89X2500X3.75X220X8mm         140pieces

F89X3000X3.75X220X8mm         140pieces

Some pictures for ground screw packing as your reference

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