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  Advantage of standardized screw pile

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     Advantage of Standardized Screw Piles   


    It is important to use and build from the standard spiral design. Progress in the engineering of a screw pile is most efficient when working from a familiar, tested, and universal design. Manufactures can test variations or pour over the specifics in the patent, but they might as well stick with the standard, which has proven to be reliable.

Using the standard design can speed up the project planning process. With the basics already in place, quality can be more easily controlled. If a manufacturers beings from scratch, they might take longer as they have to develop an original design and get the technology up to par. If standard parts are used, on the other hand, the process is simplified and time is saved.

    Perhaps most importantly, building off the industry standard can promote progress. Because the base is already established, new and potentially universal technology can be developed with this common base. This is becoming more and more important as businesses from different countries engage in trade. They need to be speaking the same technical language, and using a standard spiral pile can help that. From there, international groups can better understand and utilize foreign strategies for technology and practical methods in order to improve their own practices and products.